Muniyamma from Swadhara Greh

Life was not easy for Muniyamma who had to face infinite social hazards living on the streets. Muniyamma used to make a living by rummaging through unused material from the streets and collecting the rags. When she was victimized by a few assailants, the local police rescued and referred her to Swadhara. Muniyamma was addicted to alcohol when she arrived at Swadhara, who provided her with shelter and rehabilitation support. Swadhara provided complete medical care, counseling, opened a bank account and encouraged her to take up skill development training.

Muniyamma is leading a new life today who shows utmost interest in training and production. She is a mother of three children who were living in a village and not cared by family. Muniram is 15 year old, Lavanya is 13 year old and Krishna is a 2 year old. The children were reunited with the mother and they come to meet her every summer. The elder kids have been enrolled into a school to continue their education by CWC- Bengaluru Rural and reside at Social welfare hostel. After recovering from a horde of difficulties, Muniyamma is a completely transformed individual who stands as an inspiration to many women.
“I am thankful to GASS for supporting me in my recovery, helping me recuperate and be the independent individual I am today.” –Muniyamma