Empowering the PWDs with sustainable livelihoods


Supporting education for better future


Creating soldiers for environment


Creating opportunities for women

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Supporting communities in time of need

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GASS India works with the aim of empowering communities by providing vital services in the areas of Health, Education, and Livelihoods. Our pursuit of creating sustainable and equitable communities has been on since 1996 and has so far served more than 40,000 people in Karnataka.



Working in Mental Health and community wellbeing has been our forte since inception. From operating PHC and Mobile Health clinics to implementing health screening, tertiary referrals, counselling and provision of medicines we ensure the wellbeing of people in our areas of operation. Our programs work on increasing awareness in communities about general and mental health.



We enable young children through education through a full-scale scholarship program that covers students' fees from PUC to Masters while also mainstreaming children through a bridge school project. To enable learning in our areas of operation we have also invested in bettering infrastructure through the creation of school libraries.



Our work on livelihoods focuses on women and PWDs to empower them. Our Skill training program for women encompasses multiple local trade skills that lead to a sustainable income. To enable this further, we have created SHGs facilitate the availability of capital. Through the Manasadhara centre we have ensured safe and sustainable livelihoods for PWDs and women through colour-making and leaf plate-making initiatives.



We have taken up works like lake rejuvenation and tree plantation activities in our operational area alongside creating massive awareness through campaigns against plastic use and promoting sustainable living. We have also created rainwater harvesting units to ensure the availability of groundwater.