Dr. KV Kishore Kumar


Dr. KV Kishore Kumar is a psychiatrist by profession, trained at the Fazakerley Hospital in Liverpool (UK).He began his careerat the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, heading the Community Health Services in the Department of Psychiatry. He has served as an advisor to the Government of India for the National Mental Health Policy and District Mental Health Program. Inaddition he worked with the Government of Karnataka in the Committees for prevention of corporal punishment and destitute relief centers.

Previously, Dr. Kishore has acted as an advisor for the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding mental health services in Somalia and he conducted psychosocial interventions in disaster sites across India including Orissa, Gujarat and Jammu & Kashmir.

His research focus on a wide variety on topics such as mental health in primary care, interventions for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder & epilepsy, life skills training for youth, psychosocial care and disaster management and mental health care in conflict zones, etc.

Currently, Dr. KV Kishore Kumar is:

  • a member of the State Mental Health Authority Government of Tamil Nadu.
  •  the Director of The Banyan& The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health (BALM)
  • the President of GASS since 2014.

Ms. Amali Naik


Ms. Amali Naik is a post-graduated in sociology and worked in Rural development projects for 5 years before starting the GASS Organization as a co-founder in 1996. She is responsible for execution of the projects since 1996.

Currently, she is a member of various GovernmentCommittees:

  • PoSH, Government Committee member in Bengaluru Rural district
  • District Expert Committee  for Covid-19
  • National Level Local committee member

and received Awards such as:

  • “Kithur Rani Chennamma” 2011-2012 awarded by the Government of Karnataka on the International Women’s Day 2012
  • “Best NGO –Service provided to Disability”, Bangalore Rural District
  • “Best Physically Challenged Woman Award”, in 2010 from the Foundation for Art and Culture for deaf, Bangalore
  • “PRATHIBHA AWARD”,in 2010 from Fame India, Bangalore.