Integrated rural development project -Sompura

This project includes education support, a language library, livelihood support, villages infrastructure construction, waste management plan and trees plantation.

  • Education support. After a selection process of the students, scholarships were allocated to the eligible students. They attended mentorship programs and they get benefits from follow ups.
  • Language library to facilitate English learning. Installation of computers and furniture at the Government 1st grade College.
  • Livelihood support. SHG members attended meetings and trainings on EDP. They then got loans to become self-employed.
  • Villages infrastructures construction. Roads and drainages construction. Streetlights installation.
  • Waste management plan. Creating awareness about the harmful effects of plastic materials. Educating people to use paper covers. Distribution of paper cover at the market.
  • Trees plantation. 25 students participated in different types of plantations. Watering and protecting the plants are part of the project as well as environment awareness and waste management.