Integrated rural development project (IRDP)

IRDP includes two different programs:Women livelihood and the Mobile health clinic.

  • Women livelihood

– Creation of a SEED BANK for the SHG cooperative to start the production.

ADVANCED SKILL TRAININGSsuch as beautician, advanced tailoring, fashion designing,

mendhi, handicraft, etc. provided to selected women.

– Twenty-five families develop a KITCHEN GARDENin three villages, using the

Seedskit provided by the seed bank project.

– Support to 50 SHG farming families by providing them with two sheeps/goats per

family. Animal husbandry training has been given to 78 women.

– 25 SHG families have got a RAINWATER HARVESTING unit.

  • Mobile health clinic

The clinic provides health services to villages and spreads awareness on hygiene, early diagnosis and treatment of various ailments

The mobile health clinic aimed to provide health services to 30 villages where the dumping of Bangalore waste affects people’s health. The van is fully equipped with a medical team. It has regularly been visiting the villages providing early diagnosis for high blood sugar, high blood pressure, cancer, tuberculosis, kidney failure, skin diseases, cardiac complication, etc. The clinic covered a total of 28809 outpatients and 434 referrals.