GASS has developed and implemented policy and procedures, to ensure the respect and wellbeing of children and Adults who come into contact with GASS organization. The implementation of this policy is based on a spirit of positive commitment at all times to the best interests of safeguarding child and Adult

GASS Coalition is committed to keeping children and Adults safe globally from abuse through awareness; prevention; responding and reporting; and the implementation of this policy.

This Child and Adult safeguarding Policy is based on GASS Standards; the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989 (and its optional protocols); the UN Statement for the Elimination of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation and all child-related UN conventions; the national child protection legislation of India and international good practice.

It is necessary to have this policy in order to uphold the dignity and respect of all and GASS is committed to ensuring a safe environment for children and Adults through the procedures contained in this policy.